Graduate & Future Leaders Programmes


As part of our talent sourcing service, we help companies hire the best talent for graduate and future leaders programmes in one country or across the world.

Significant in scope with a defined delivery period, Careers International brings in the right talent in the right numbers in the right location through a process that is seamless and constructed to adapt with your talent acquisition processes.
Case Study 1
The Client provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. Its products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value. Some 22,000 employees, in more than 120 countries around the world, enthuse their customers and build a better future.
Hire 5 high potential candidates in specific countries in the USA and Asia for its Outperformer Programme (a two year development cursus for high achievers). Candidates should be mobile, multilingual and have a successful academic track record in business or engineering.
• Client is not perceived as a well-known employer brand.
• There is talent shortage and fierce competition from well-known brands for top graduates
• The program geography is extremely wide
The Client decided to use the onedaywith concept to boost its attractiveness among top graduates in key countries and bring a number of them to assessment centers organised throughout the world.

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While creating an unique experience for the candidates, OneDayWith helped us to improve the number and quality of applications in many countries all around the world. We highly recommend this methodology which is in line with what graduates and young professionals expect these days when connecting online with company representatives.

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Case Study 2
The Client is a major pharmaceutical company. It runs a graduate programme for five different profiles
Hire 25 high potential candidates matching four different profiles (commercial, R&D, medical, manufacturing)
The Client does not have the time and the expertise to handle 1,000+ international applications and hundreds of interviews in a short period of time.
The Client asked Careers International to handle the applications from CV screening to phone interviews and online tests to select the best who will be invited to ten assessment days.Careers International was also in charge of sourcing difficult profiles who would not spontaneously apply through the Client marketing campaign.


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Case Study 3