The right talent at the right time

How dedicated talent pipelines increase your quality of hires while reducing cost & time per hire!
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Why build a talent pipeline?

Bringing your employer brand to the attention of the talent you need is vital when you are trying to attract the most sought-after candidates. But once you have succeeded in engaging the right people, how do you hold their attention?By continuing the dialogue with them you will inspire potential candidates and be on their radar screen when they decide to move forward in their career. At the same time you will have a talent pool of interesting and qualified candidates at hand when new vacancies arise.

Through onedaywith, we help you establish, populate and manage your talent pipelines. We make it easy to show your teams and expertise across to potential candidates so you can build a mutually rewarding relationship with selected talent. We do this for candidates at all levels – be that millennials or experienced hires.

Talent pipelines are tailored to specific audiences to fill in key recurring and hard-to-hire roles or to address a diversity challenge.
Qualified and interested candidates

We will help you to connect with relevant candidates through ongoing sourcing, assess what their career expectations are through phone qualification and ultimately, ensure you can inspire – through onedaywith - the individuals you want to hire.

The service is implemented and coordinated by a dedicated Project Manager - your point of contact - who will adapt to your recruiting processes to guarantee an efficient candidate follow up.

How it works?

The process is as follows:

  • Detailed description of the candidate profiles to be included in the talent pipeline and agreement on key performance indicators (number of relevant registered candidates – number of hires throughout the year)
  • Ongoing generic attraction of these profiles through professional networks, the Careers International database and possibly third party channels such as universities, business schools and alumni associations. 
  • More targeted attraction of candidates around open vacancies 
  • CV screening of all registered candidates to guarantee the overall quality of the pipeline 
  • Phone qualification of the candidates expressing an interest in open jobs (to check motivation in job, location and salary expectations) and integration of the most relevant in your recruitment process. 
  • Live interaction with candidates at least two times a year through onedaywith
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Building and managing your own talent pipeline is complex, time consuming, expensive and may generate a disappointing return on investment.


By combining onedaywith, our recruitment expertise, clearly defined key performance indicators and a transparent fee structure we make sure to increase the quality of hires brought into your organisation while giving you full control on the budget.

To activate passive jobseekers you don’t have the time to contact

To have a talent pool at hand when vacancies arise

To be on the radar screen of qualified candidates when they consider a career change

To build your employer brand among strategic talent on the long run